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Rocsie Rosie

Born on March 18th, 1995 in Lafayette, LA, Rocsie Rosie has been paving her own way into music since her younger years and still making noise even to this day.

Rocsie has been singing and developing her own sound since she was ten years of age. She was first introduced into music by way of gospel, being brought in by her own musical solo at church and she has been doing music ever since. She always makes time and has an undeniable love for the crafts of music. Rocsie went even far as playing the clarinet in middle school. Rocsie also participated in various performing arts programs such as "yazzy"( youth celebrating jazz). Rocsie draws a lot of her musical inspiration from her life experiences and her friends’ and other peers’ life experiences. Rocsie is at the tender age of nineteen so she feels that she still has yet to experience a lot and is trying to experience even more. Rocsie is also comical and funny so she insists on inputting that same attitude and personality into her music. Rocsie Rosie is the youngest of three siblings, the only girl, and the only one who can sing as well, to her knowledge. Rocsie wants to go As far as God wants to take her with her musical career. Rocsie wants to just look back on her life and say she made an honest career out of doing something that she absolutely loves doing.

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