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At just the fast paced age of 27, Shreveport, Louisiana native Dre’Shaun is already working on his own path and way in to the music industry. Born Tramario Thomas on July 13th 1986,“Mario”or June Bug as Family know him as, is the first born offour brothers. Mario or “Dre’Shaun” wanted to originally become a manager and a graphic designer when dealing with th e music because he wanted to be in the background instead of the foreground of it all, could not ignore the fact that the music was calling him to bring something different to the table.

Having a gift to explain the world around him without talking about the negativities that surround him as well as knowing the business side and graphical side of music , Dre’shaun focus quickly changed to becoming a one man l abel. Dedicating da ys, weeks and months to perfecting his craft, Dre’shaun began bringing out tracks that related to peo ple with real situations, instead of the street music that he always heard where he from, which brought out the first single off of his mixtape “Dreamz Into Reality I” entitled “If My Life Was Yours” featuring one of his long time best friends Marcku s Mosley or by his rap name “Money Mark” from Full Decc. Beginning to stand out in his city as someone that brings real life situations into his music without any crime, weaponry, drugs, or any other negative subjects, helped him gain momentum, not only to older crowds but to younger crowds as well with miraculous ease. Dre’Shaun Released his first mixtape in 2011 under his old name “Young M.O.B.” (Man of Bizness), titled “Hood Mechanix. “ Things were moving good for him but he wanted to really manage artists, as things went on he managed his friends and other rappers that would have him thinking twice about management because everyone had other plans other than his own he left music alone for a while to seek understanding and wisdom from God on what he really needed to do with his life. In 2012 seeing the remarkable talent in Dre’Shaun, a guy younger than him Larry Mims listened to some of his old music and felt that he had a shot in the industry because of the truth that he brings in his music. Known for his outstanding work ethic, Dre’shaun remained loyal to what God called him back to do, which was rapping, where he and Larry started back up on his journey with Larry being his one of his true friends and management. With similar work ethic and drive, Dre’Shaun and Larry created a smaller label under his trade name and graphic design company that Dre’Shaun already had on the side “ImaginedSkill Music” with a smaller group under it named “Accompanied By Brilliance” and Larry with his management company Labamade Management Co. The names served as homage to their imaginations and the skills that they possessed within. Quickly gaining momentum, ImaginedSkill was a name of difference and understanding to many people that understood art and music. Looking back on all of the things that he has been through, Dre’shaun found his drive and determination and made a promise to his family and friends that he will do whatever it takes to make his dream and theirs come into existence. In 2014, Dre’Shaun came back stronger than ever releasing his mixtape “Dreamz into Reality I”.. Dre’Shaun has had an up and down past but he constantly proves why people loves his music and love him for his honesty and caring spirit. Backed by his family and friends and other label mates Dre’Shaun continues to push the envelope and provide something different that Louisiana has never heard.

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