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Ca$h Ryan

Christopher Ryan, who records under the name “Ca$h Ryan” is a Louisiana rapper & songwriter. He was born June 13th 1991 in Shreveport, Louisiana & is the oldest out of his three siblings. He always felt a special bond between him & music.

Realizing his dream Ca$h took action by teaming up with long time friend Timothy Pace & creating Black Vans Gang or “BVG”. Together they built an in home studio. Ca$h practiced for years trying to develop himself & his own sound. Years passed & after all that practice Ca$h felt he had found his own style & sound. Now at the age of 23 Ca$h intends to make all his dreams reality. Teaming up with new label mates known as Dreamers Leaugue Coalition or “DLC” he intends to do just that. Wanting to encourage the youth & prove to them that you can make it by being yourself. His music touches bases with real life situations from his life & even a walk in other peoples shoes. With his mind set on his goals for his family, his team, & his city he makes strides to do just that. On the verge of his first solo mixtape release entitled “Live From The Grove” he intends to tell stories of his life & others. His name & buzz throughout the city are growing bigger everyday. Wanting to breakout & make a splash in the music industry he knows its going to take hard work & dedication. He knows the road will be tough & stressful. But since nthn else in life has been given to him he would have it no other way.

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