A New League of Dreamers

Noah Knight

Noah Knight started on his journey through entertainment and especially videography by watching his brother-in-law (Saul aka Maniac) put in work and get things accomplished with his musical career.

Noah knew that Saul knew what it took to get things done his way and with his own niche. Noah sat back patiently and watched at the tender age of eight years old, but Saul didn’t feel like Noah was ready to enter entertainment just yet. As years went on and Noah was able to travel everywhere with Saul and he saw how Saul handled the street life and music life at the same time, at that time Noah realized that he was ready. Noah informed Saul that he really wanted to be apart of something with him, and at the age of fourteen Saul told him to prove it to him. Noah finally decided to get his GED and put himself through college at the age of seventeen, now at eighteen years old Noah is in college taking Photography, Musical Engineering, and Video editing, working to be the best for our company. Noah shoots the music videos, and also does photoshoots, Me and my brother decided to become partners in the label Scap-Unit and the “ScapGang” brand and their goals are one and the same….To Make something huge and promising!

Noah's Photo/Video Section

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